Game Visualizer
an interactive visual aid for choosing a video game
Felix Gonda
Final Project
Visualization (CS 171)
Harvard University, Spring 2011
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Game Visualizer is an interactive visualization written in processing language. Its purpose is to serve as visual guide for choosing a video game. The design of the visualization consists of two components: (1) A universe of video games released between the year 1994 and 2011. The universe is represented as radial layout based on a decomposition algorithm that represents high rated games at the center of the universe and low rated games at the periphery of the universe. (2) The second component is a decision tree that encapsulates user choices and provide filters for distilling the universe of games to a small subset that can be use to either select the final game or compare against similar games. The software runs both as a standalone application as well as an applet. As of this writing it runs on both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. For questions and feedback you can contact me at: felix.e.gonda@gmail.comBelow are screenshots from the visualization software: